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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Update - A Little Delay Called Katrina

Well, we didn't have our press conference, of course. Most of us were trying to survive or at the very least upended after Katrina.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Johnny White's - I saw writers/editor Josh Clark, then later, when a carriage driver got a mule out and gave a bunch of a ride around the Quarter (I'd never done it, and Mr. Larry, who'd lived here 40 years hadn't either) on Saturday, 6 days after Katrina hit, who was at Molly's on Decatur?

Why, of course, Andrei Codrescu, and his friend Dave Brinks, the poet who sets up the weekly readings at the Goldmine.

We writers are a hearty bunch!

Of course, there'll be plenty written about Katrina. Andrei has written some pieces that are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant.

And when I finally did evacuate after 10 days, (to Atlanta, to enroll my son in school, then to Vegas to relax) I saw Doug Brinkley's picture in USA Today riding in a boat with Sean Penn!

We all know what it means to miss New Orleans now. Really.

And all these writers are supporters of the Writers Museum project.

We'll get it done, just a little later than we'd planned.


Blogger katy said...

I'm spreading the word. :) Think this is a very worthwhile project and hope to see it flourish.
Have you bookmarked :)

Katy (from Metairie)

2:45 PM  
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