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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Planned Location

Here's the planned location, on the corner of Bourbon and St. Phillip, just across from LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop bar, a major tourist stop. It's about a 200 year-old building, and it will require renovation, but we'll retain that historic feel. Most of the renovation work will be on the second floor, where we'll have the exhibits, which must be temperature- and humidity-controlled, and with outstanding fire protection.

There is a good-sized courtyard, and a separate 'slave quarters' (actually this wasn't really used as that - it has too high of ceilings and too many windows to be - it served as separate quarters for the boys of the house when they turned 13 or 14).

We plan to have tables for coffee and reading in the courtyard, and a small kitchen downstairs in the smaller building (so as to reduce fire risk to the main building - just like the old days!). The ground floor of the main building will house a small gift shop and a bookstore.

We'll promote New Orleans writers and books about New Orleans and Louisiana (as well as general fiction, poetry & major newspapers), and we plan to feature a different living New Orleans writer each week at the bookstore.


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